Authentic Honduran Cuisine

La Cocina de Maria Latin

Experience the flavors of home in every bite. Join us for a taste of authentic Honduran family recipes.


Our Offerings


Customized catering services for events of all sizes, featuring traditional Honduran dishes.


Convenient delivery service bringing our delicious Latin dishes straight to your door.

Cooking Classes

Engaging cooking classes to learn the secrets of preparing authentic Honduran recipes.

Our Story

La Cocina de Maria Latin is a beloved family-owned Honduran restaurant specializing in traditional home-style dishes.


Founded with a passion for sharing the rich flavors of Honduran cuisine with our community.


Authentic Recipes

Savor the taste of authentic Honduran family recipes prepared with love and tradition.


Cozy Ambiance

Enjoy a warm and welcoming atmosphere that makes you feel right at home.


Family Tradition

Rooted in family traditions, we bring the heart of Honduran cuisine to your table.

Why Choose Us


Homestyle Comfort

Indulge in comforting meals that evoke memories of family gatherings and shared moments.


Fresh Ingredients

We source the freshest ingredients to ensure the authentic and delicious taste of our dishes.


Community Love

Proudly serving our community with the love and flavors of traditional Honduran home cooking.

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